Dedicated to Helping You Enhance Drug Delivery Across the BBB to Enable Effective Treatments for Neurodegenerative Diseases

The BBB is an extremely complex interface brimming with tricks and secrets we need to elucidate...

Going digital in its 2nd year, the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) Summit is the industry’s definitive BBB conference focused on sharing the latest scientific advances, data and key lessons learned for transporting more drugs across the BBB.

With a heavy focus on biologics, for neurodegenerative diseases, this summit will discuss topics such as quantitative methodologies for measuring amount and distribution of antibodies in the brain, using PKPD systems to improve translation and predict clinical outcomes and importantly, progress in the validation of approaches and technologies which enhance BBB transition.

Moreover, this meeting also aims to deepen your understanding of intracellular trafficking and receptor binding, pharmacokinetics and protein engineering to drive the clinical applicability of receptor mediated transcytosis. The 2nd BBB Summit delves into identifying gaps in the physiology of the BBB and questions the extent of the relationship between the BBB and different disease states in
various neurodegenerative diseases as well as uncovering what makes neural exosomes efficient BBB drug delivery tools.

Join fellow BBB specialists virtually to scrutinize progress of existing approaches to deliver more of your biologic therapeutic across the BBB to develop a clinically defining neurodegenerative treatment.

Take a look at the full event guide here.

Testimonials from our Inaugural BBB Summit 2019


“Excellent and interactive meeting discussing the challenges of getting drugs across the BBB”
-  Martin Larhammar,
Senior Scientist & Pharmacology Lead,
Bioarctic Neuroscience


"The expertise of the speakers and range of topics was impressive for a small meeting. The size of the meeting facilitated extensive discussions among the speakers and participants"
- Kenneth Loveday,
Director – Toxicology, Biogen


“What stood at the BBB Summit was the shared nature of the challenges that all parties developing in this area face, more opportunities for co-development and cooperation are clearly needed. An excellent in-depth introduction to the challenges ahead for delivery of biologics into the CNS”
- Philip Davy,
Senior Scientist & Director – Business Development, Braizon Therapeutics Inc

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